ZEPPELIN Mobile Hospital Systems

The highly flexible and complex medical care systems are based on the
modular ZEPPELIN-Shelter® assemblies. Swiftly and safely deployable,
wherever primary clinical care is needed.

The capacity and medical equipment of the mobile hospitals is configured
individually, depending on customer requirements and medicinal necessity,
based on the standard sizes for 40, 50, 100 and 200 patient beds. The basis
of the hospitals is the 20’ ZEPPELIN-Shelter®, which is used as the medical
treatment room. The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® offer the working environment of a
stationary hospital. The individual modules are connected by means of
passages and thus linked to a hygienic, self-sufficient system. The equipment
is specifically tailored to meet the high demands of modern medicine.

The shelters are supplemented by mobile infrastructure systems, as well as
pole or air-cushioned tent systems for patient accommodation, triage or

Product overview

ZEPPELIN Mobile Rescue Systems

ZEPPELIN Mobile Rescue Systems are self-sufficiently operating, shelter-
based, medical emergency care systems, which are designed for operation on

ZEPPELIN Mobile Rescue Systems can be put into operation on all truck
chassis with 20‘ container frames, including off-road versions. Depending on
the rescue system, the individual shelters are connected to each other by
means of special gangways or corridors. Optional to the ZMS-standard
configurations, the technical and medical equipment features of all other
ZMS system modules can also be integrated. ZEPPELIN Mobile Rescue
Systems have been developed for swift operational start-ups.

ZEPPELIN Mobile Rescue Systems are equipped in accordance with customer
specifications or according to ZMS standard. In terms of technical and medical
equipment, sterility, air filtration, gas supply, etc., they do not differ from a
stationary emergency room and meet the highest hygienic requirements.

Product overview

ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems

ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems are self-sufficiently operating individual
shelters that can be operated on a vehicle or trailer (including off-road models),
or on the ground. Optionally available lifting supports allow the ZEPPELIN-
Shelter® to be lifted/lowered.

Independently supplied with power and water, fully air-conditioned and equipped
with state-of-the-art medical technology, ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems are
deployed where medical shortage exists or where people require medical help
due to environmental occurrences, catastrophes or crises. Proven in difficult
terrain as well as under extreme climatic conditions, and tried-and-tested by
emergency doctors and medical units, ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems have
repeatedly demonstrated their strengths.

In terms of technical and medical equipment, ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems
do not differ from a stationary specialist practice and they also meet the highest
hygienic requirements. ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic Systems are equipped in
accordance with customer specifications or according to ZMS standard.

Product overview

ZEPPELIN System Modules

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are used both as standalone medical units in mobile clinics
as well as hospital systems when grouped.

As Clinic Systems, ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are equipped as completely self-
sufficient units with integrated power and water supply. Within a hospital
system, ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are connected and hooked-up to the central
power and water supply.

The choice of shelter - standard, single-side or double-side extendable - as
well as the tent types, depends on both the space requirements and on the
customer-specific requirements.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can be fitted with any type of medical equipment, as
available in stationary hospitals or in specialist practices, e.g. Emergency,
Examination, Radiology, Operation, Intensive Care Unit, Sterilization, Dental,
ENT, Ophthalmologist, Gynecology, Mammography, Pharmacy, Laboratory.

Product overview

ZEPPELIN Patient Tansportation

An important part of patient care is adequate transportation of patients. ZMS
provides solutions for ground and air transport.

The provision of continuous care for the patient has top priority here. In addition
to the defined standard features, the supply of power and medical gases is a
central element of the equipment. Under consideration of the assigned
Standards DIN EN 1789 Type A1, A2, B and C, DIN 13050 and DIN 75079,
ZMS installs equipment into vehicle body shells and shelter solutions, which
are specifically configured for off-road use, for the following applications:
Ambulance service for one or more patients, Emergency-doctor service,
Intensive care transport, Quarantine transport.

The ZEPPELIN box bodies used here have stood up to all military tests carried
out by the European Forces when employed as ambulance body structures for
off-road use, also and particularly for missions abroad. In the ZEPPELIN-
Shelter® 1:1, ZMS offers an individual modular and self-sufficient transport
system for patients.

Product overview